Ready to become a Brandcast Certified Designer? Build and submit a website for us to review! 

If you want the world to know that you have completed our Brandcast Basics course, or if you have already been designing and building awesome websites using the Brandcast Design Studio, our Brandcast Designer Certification program is for you. And it’s completely free!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Build a website in the Brandcast Design Studio according to our specifications.
  2. Submit your finished website to us.
  3. One of our Brandcast Master Designers will review your work—live online (on all devices) and in the Brandcast app.
  4. If the Master Designer finds that your website has met all of our evaluation criteria, you’ll get a Brandcast Certified Designer badge that you can add to your LinkedIn profile and a digital certificate of completion (PDF).
  5. If your website does not meet all of our evaluation criteria, you’ll receive feedback and will have an opportunity to revise and resubmit it.

As a Brandcast Certified Designer, you’ll join our network of talented people who use our platform to make cool digital experiences. Once you’re in this Brandcast network, we may refer our clients to you when they need help building websites, or reach out to you directly when we need help with our own projects.

Take your web design career to the next level with Brandcast!

Course Curriculum

  Brandcast Certified Designer
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